"Mellonea" means "Friends". It's pronounced "mel-lo-NAY-uh". Our friends call us Mellonheads.

We accept all Alliance races and classes. We have members of all levels, but we are weighted heavily toward higher levels. If you're lower level, don't fret! This means there's a bunch of low-level stuff in the vault that we'd love for you to take.

Mellonea is an RP guild that instances and raids. (Instances and raids done often with our allied guild, Unbroken.) We're PG-13 and nice, nerdy people.

In order to join, you need to read over the following rules and guidelines, and then follow the application form link at the end of this page.

Roleplay with Mellonea

First off, your name needs to follow the WoW Naming Policy. Asdkaf and Lookbehindyou are not getting into Mellonea. If you have an "interesting" name with a legit story, explain and we'll see.

Our /g channel is IC. (OOC is the officer channel, /o, which we all have access to.) We visualise it as a massive conference call through our hearthstones. We can hear you, but not see you. (example, IC argument, we can't tell that you're glaring at the stone. We can probably infer if you've thrown it across the room, however.)

Some people like to RP in longer stories -- we have forums, we loooove stories. Some people like to RP face to face -- there are plenty of empty houses and quiet places out there. Some people want to talk a lot in guild chat. Some people have major developed story lines, some people have vague ideas. Some people play strictly within the lines of what is canon, some people take liberties -- RPing in the areas Blizz hasn't filled in. There's plenty of good RP styles.

Some things that aren't cool?

We don't brook evil characters. Mellonea means friends, remember? It's not real friendly to get a sadistic glee from raining infernals on Goldshire. That's not saying everything has to be rainbows and daisies. We have snarky, cynical, and even borderline obnoxious characters -- but they're in Mellonea to be with friends.

We don't brook unreasonably outrageous characters. You are not the bastard offspring of Cenarius and Tyrande. You do not have giant angel wings. Or giant demon wings. If you would have an extensive WoWpedia page about yourself if Blizz had written you, you are being a bit too big in the britches for someone asking which boat to take to get to the Wetlands.


Mellonea has a good reputation. Not exaggerating when we say we have had people be happy to see us in their groups. This means that when people see <Mellonea> over your head (and remember that all it takes is a shift+click to find out a person's guild from chat), they're expecting you to be intelligent, constructive, and skilled -- or if not all that skilled, at least willing to take advice. Mellonea is not home to trade trolls, to ninjas, or to drama-mongers.

Our chat channels are PG-13. We don't tolerate slurs or insults. We have historically had a rather diverse group. People have disagreements and that's fine, but keep it civil.

This counts to strangers as well. Your officers do not enjoy getting tells that you were raining infernals on Goldshire or tormenting someone for low DPS. It also counts to Horde. BGs are BGs, but out in the world they just want to enjoy their play time too.

Instances and Raids

Mellonea does raids and many instances with our allied guild, Unbroken. We have been allied with them a long time, and we do share another OOC and IC channel with them. However, please don't join Mellonea expecting to be seamlessly absorbed into our raid team when you hit level cap. If you want to raid, join a raid guild. If you want to RP but not abandon hope of skilled raiding in your future, that's more our style.

For instances, we do have a number of higher-level characters, and that may mean there's few if any people to go along with you if you want a level-appropriate run of a lower-level dungeon. Sorry. Whining will not change this. A lot of us do have alts -- some of us many, many alts -- who can run with you at certain levels. We'll help where we can. (By the way, instances are generally OOC, but if you can get an IC group together that can be a lot of fun.)

Chat and behaviour expectations apply here too. No-one wants to hear "GG noob quit sucking." That's not helpful. If you can tip someone off to where they can get better gear, or a change in their playstyle that might make a difference, by all means offer advice, but if you can't say something constructive then just remember you were probably in that person's shoes once.


Mellonea is run by a Guild Master -- currently Cantras -- and a council of long-time members in good standing.

If you have a problem with a Mellonhead that civil discourse can't resolve, take it up with a Councillor. If you have a problem with a Councillor, take it up with the GM. If you have a problem with Cantras, you can still talk to the GM, or you can talk to a Councillor if you're shy about your concerns.

New members start as Newlysworn. After you've hung out a while, you get to Oathsworn. We didn't feel like fiddling around with "Awesomesworn" or "Raidersworn" so don't panic if you never get promoted above Oathsworn.

Oathsworn has access to the Guild Vault and because of this we do require you to have an authenticator for promotion. Newly/Unsworn can still ask people to grab stuff for them, that's fine -- but after back to back incidences of hacked accounts ninja-ing the Vault, we had to put our foot down. You'll also be demoted to Unsworn if you're inactive a long time; same reason.

If all of that sounds reasonable and wonderful to you, register on our forums and fill out the application form. :)

Primer on the Dark Spots in the History of Mellonea

Mellonea was formed November 10, 2005, by Sykora. We were allied with the Daring Blades for raiding. Things went fairly peachy-keen and drama free for quite some time.

In January of 2007, Burning Crusade came out, and this caused a major shift in raid set-up. Instead of 40-mans and occasional 20-mans, raids were now 25 and 10. The GM of Daring Blades gave notice to his guild and ours that we'd no longer be regularly raiding together. Mellonea's feelings were hurt, and numerous Blades left in protest. A few joined or sheltered in Mellonea, and eventually many of our Daring Blades friends regrouped as Unbroken, with whom we are still allied. (Daring Blades on Kirin Tor today was regrouped by a few core Blades, but has no special relationship to Mellonea.)

That summer, Mellonea had fallings-out within itself. First, someone introduced a character who was loudly racist against Night elves. They had a valid point that in past lore humans weren't always the most tactful of allies, but with the diverse group, his IC comments hit close to home in an OOC way. It was pointed out that this character was perhaps unwise to join a guild with so many NE in leadership and in the guild in general, and then an OOC/IC line was blurred with a handful of players feeling that there was a clique/level of favoritism with the players of NE characters. Some of those players left to form another guild, Omen.

Some weeks later, some unrelated offensive things were said by person A, and person B took a great deal of offense. This became a great complicated mess, with B more or less demanding A's head on a platter, friends of A's being offended as stories were checked, B still being in a snit about the leadership and friends who had left the guild (see previous paragraph), more people getting involved than just A, B, and the Council -- It was a learning experience in How Not To Handle Things. A ended up leaving the server. B joined Omen. Some of A's friends left the guild. And some of their friends, and some of their friends.

That should make it pretty clear why we expect characters to be civil to eachother and players to be civil to eachother as well. We lost a major chunk of our RP core -- and several dear friends -- in the span of weeks.

After that, Sykora's play time dwindled and she left much in the hands of the Council. In October of 2008, Sykora formally stepped down and handed the reins off to Kjallstrom. Things calmed down for some time.

Fall of 2010 through early 2011 was a rough patch again. Some of it was due to raids -- much of the content had been cleared, and what hadn't been cleared was not giving in quietly. Some characters left to join more raid-focus in Unbroken. Some of it was because of the guild-leveling system, whether speculative before Cataclysm hit or because fears were confirmed in the expansion. Some people had just stopped playing because they were bored. It had a snowball effect of making the guild smaller, quieter, and slower to level. Early 2011 also saw Kjallstrom take an informal leave of absence to deal with moving and getting married -- Congratulations, of course, but a bit of a wrench in getting new members in. The leads were handed off to Cantras, though Kjall is still an officer and still the web guy.

So in the present, we're rebuilding. Thanks for coming along for the ride.