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Tips & Tricks / Re: Identity
« Last post by Kjallstrom on November 02, 2012, 09:39:41 AM »
I've updated Identity for Mists. It's up-to-date on Curse.
Guild Policies / For people saying "Wait, I used to be in Mellonea..."
« Last post by Cantras on August 06, 2012, 12:20:06 PM »
If any folks are coming back for Mists and have found themselves bumped for inactivity, please just contact an officer. If you can't get ahold of an officer, fill out an app but you can skip the long part and just say that you were a former Mellonhead and you're back now. We'll dig you out of our memory banks or your old application or whatever and as long as you were a member in good standing (this is like 99% of people) we'll pop you back in.
Tips & Tricks / So you don't know how to play a shadow priest
« Last post by Cantras on July 22, 2012, 10:21:41 PM »
Pew pew!


Here you go. Shadow has a lot of very strong talents, which is great but also means there's not a lot of room for customisation. That tree has two extra points to play with, and the common recommendation is pick up partial Inner Sanctum and/or the rest of Mental Agility (both over in disc). For myself, I like having a silence, so I'd take those two points and put them into psychic horror, and take a point out of Shadowy Apparition (towards the bottom of shadow, and the weakest of the "required" shadow talents) to get the actual silence.


Prime: Shadow word Death, Shadow word Pain, Mind flay.

Major: Spirit Tap for sure, then your choice. I've got Psychic Scream, to keep my fear targets frozen in place instead of running; and Fade, because there's really nothing else better. Maybe Inner Fire for some extra armor, useful if you're soloing.

Minor: If you're soloing, Shadowfiend is your friend -- if you send your shadowfiend out and he gets killed by the bad guy, you get a chunk of mana back.  Glyph of Levitate means you don't have to carry feathers for it, very nice. Glyph of Shadow makes your shadowform a little less shadowy so you can show off your transmog set. Those are what I have.  It's really your choice, as usual none of them are "required".


Your major stat is Int. Every point of Intellect is more spellpower, more crit, and more mana.

Spirit is sortof a weird special thing for Spriests (and for balance druids and ele shamans, actually), where not only does it contribute to your (out of combat) mana regen, it also counts as hit rating. This is so that people who mostly heal don't have to carry a second set for soloing, and so that all the +spi gear has at least a little bit of application for the other casters.  The hit cap for Spriests is very high -- 17% for raiding -- but with hit and spirit together it's very possible to reach and even go over that, especially at higher gear levels.

So, if you need hit, it's very slightly better to pick it up in the form of spirit, to get a hair more mana regeneration between fights; and if you need to slough hit, it's very slightly better to forge off "pure" hit rating, because it doesn't have that tiny bonus.

In most cases stat priority is Int, hit-to-cap, Haste/Mastery(Haste is only a smidge better), crit. If you want to get nerdy about it there are simulators but this post series isn't really aimed at people who'd muck about with those. I don't even do that. ;)

For gemming, go for straight Int unless you can make a profit. your meta gem is Burning Shadowspirit. For enchants, generally Int or mastery. Power torrent if you have a weapon you want to keep a while. Offhands can be enchanted with spirit and then you can forge it off of something else.


Priests have a priority list, not a rotation, revolving around getting shadow orbs (the swirly balls from mastery) so you can set them off with mind blast and get a buff. it's tricky. Interestingly, the number of swirlyballs you have is irrelevant -- it affects how much your MB will hit for, but it doesn't affect the strength of the buff you get for using it, so we don't care. Just get the buff.

Shadow Word: Pain
Mind Blast (with swirlyball)
Vampiric Touch
Devouring Plague
Mind Blast (no swirlyball)
Shadow Word: Death (if the mob is below 25% health)
Mind Flay

So you want to use Mind Blast as often as possible, but it's okay to stall it and put your dots up seeing if it's going to get any better. Dots should be renewed just before they drop off (or earlier if you happen to get a buff that would affect them, but that's nitpicky).

In fights where mobs are dying fast, you get to use mind spike and mind blast instead of all that. Mind spike will give a buff to Mind Blast's crit chance, you can basically go MS MS MS MB MS MS MS MB over and over (you do not need to start over when a mob dies). MS will clear any of your dots on the target -- so it's not for mixing-in regularly.

For AOE you use mind sear. Blizz has now made it so you can target it on a friendly target. DO THAT. It doesn't damage your target (friend or foe) and targeting on the tank means it won't break off when a mob dies.

Your major DPS cooldowns are Archangel and Shadowfiend, both of which will also return mana to you. Your major emergency button is Dispersion, -90% damage for 6 seconds -- also restores mana to you, so it's often used for that in safe situations.

Two other interesting buttons we have are the hymns -- Hymn of Hope, which restores mana to nearby members, and Divine hymn, which heals them. They're both channeled. Nice when it's not your emergency, it's everyone's emergency.

Tell Me When:

Three blocks, three bars.
The first bar is just to make sure you have your spriest things up: Vampiric Embrace, Inner Fire or Will, and shadowform. I forget them sometimes when I've changed specs or rezzed, so I figured a reminder was good to have.
The second bar is SW:P, Mindblast, Vampiric Touch, and Devouring plague. They all have bars on them. The dots' bars show how much longer until they fall off and the cooldowns' show how much longer until they're ready. The dot icons will light halfway up when they're close to falling off. Mindblast somehow has 4 stages of lit-upness and I don't know how I did that: Fully lit for ready + swirlyball, 3/4 lit for swirlyball but not ready,  1/4 lit for ready but no swirlyball,(which unfortunately is a little backwards) and not lit for not ready/no swirlyball.
How to use: It's arranged most important-> last important. So whatever's lighting up (and/or half-lit, for dots) and is farthest left has priority.  When nothing's lit, use Mind Flay to fill in. (unless MB is ready and just not lit, which will happen if you have bad luck with swirlyballs, in which case use it anyway.)

The third bar is SW:D, archangel, and shadowfiend with their timers. SW:D will light partially up if it's ready but the mob isn't below 25% health, and light all the way when it's ready AND the mob *is* below 25% health. (Generally you won't use SW:D until then unless you need mana or need something you can hit while moving). Archangel will be fully lit when it's ready AND you have 5 stacks of Dark Evangelism. Shadowfiend just follows the normal "not ready, almost ready, ready" light progression.

^1^T^SPoint^T ^Sy^F-8529275081551955 ^f-47^Sx ^F-4704978386498894^f-52 ^t^SEnabled^B ^SColumns^N3 ^STree1^b ^SIcons^T ^N1^T ^SType^Sbuff ^SName^SVampiric~`Embrace ^SShowWhen^Sunalpha ^SEnabled^B ^t^N2^T ^SConditionAlpha^N1 ^SBindText^Sfire/will ^SType^Sconditionicon ^SCustomTex^SInner~`Fire ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SBUFFDUR ^SName^SInner~`Fire ^t^N2^T ^SType^SBUFFDUR ^SName^SInner~`Will ^t^Sn^N2 ^t^SEnabled^B ^t^N3^T ^SType^Sbuff ^SName^SShadowform ^SShowWhen^Sunalpha ^SEnabled^B ^t^t^STree2^b ^t^N50202^S~`~| ^Sgroup^N3 ^^


^1^T^SPoint^T ^Sy^F-6987756233051261 ^f-46^Sx ^F-8795588655323178^f-54 ^t^SScale^F8227372780224512 ^f-52^SOnlyInCombat ^B^SEnabled ^B^STree1 ^b^SIcons ^T^N1^T ^SInvertBars^B ^SConditionAlpha^N0.49 ^SUnit^Starget ^SOnlyMine^B ^SType^Sbuff ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SAlpha^N0.5 ^SName^SShadow~`Word:~`Pain ^SBuffOrDebuff^SHARMFUL ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SDEBUFFDUR ^SChecked^B ^SUnit^Starget ^SOperator^S< ^SName^SShadow~`Word:~`Pain ^SLevel^N1.5 ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SShowCBar^B ^SEnabled^B ^t^N2^T ^SConditionAlpha^N1 ^SType^Scooldown ^SUnAlpha^N0.2 ^SAlpha^N0.5 ^SName^SMind~`Blast ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SCooldownCheck^B ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SBUFFSTACKS ^SChecked^B ^SName^SShadow~`Orb ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SShowCBar^B ^SEnabled^B ^SUseActvtnOverlay^B ^t^N3^T ^SBuffOrDebuff^SHARMFUL ^SConditionAlpha^N0.5 ^SUnit^Starget ^SOnlyMine^B ^SType^Sbuff ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SDEBUFFDUR ^SChecked^B ^SUnit^Starget ^SOperator^S< ^SName^SVampiric~`Touch ^SLevel^N2.5 ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SAlpha^N0.5 ^SName^SVampiric~`Touch ^SInvertBars^B ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SShowCBar^B ^SEnabled^B ^t^N4^T ^SInvertBars^B ^SConditionAlpha^N0.5 ^SUnit^Starget ^SOnlyMine^B ^SType^Sbuff ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SDEBUFFDUR ^SChecked^B ^SUnit^Starget ^SOperator^S< ^SName^SDevouring~`Plague ^SLevel^N1.5 ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SAlpha^N0.5 ^SName^SDevouring~`Plague ^SBuffOrDebuff^SHARMFUL ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SShowCBar^B ^SEnabled^B ^t^t^STree2^b ^t^N50202^S~`~| ^Sgroup^N1 ^^


^1^T^SPoint^T ^Sy^F-5197619185137854 ^f-45^Sx ^F-7763286609825940^f-53 ^t^SScale^F7101286042304514 ^f-52^SOnlyInCombat ^B^SEnabled ^B^SColumns ^N3^STree1 ^b^SIcons ^T^N1^T ^SConditionAlpha^N0.68 ^SType^Scooldown ^SUnAlpha^N0.2 ^SName^SShadow~`Word:~`Death ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SHEALTH ^SOperator^S<= ^SUnit^Starget ^SLevel^N25 ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SCooldownCheck^B ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SShowCBar^B ^SEnabled^B ^SUseActvtnOverlay^B ^t^N2^T ^SConditionAlpha^N0.51 ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SType^Scooldown ^SUnAlpha^N0.5 ^SCooldownCheck^B ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SBUFFSTACKS ^SChecked^B ^SName^SDark~`Evangelism ^SLevel^N5 ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SShowCBar^B ^SEnabled^B ^SName^SArchangel ^SUseActvtnOverlay^B ^t^N3^T ^SConditionAlpha^N0.5 ^SType^Scooldown ^SUnAlpha^N0.2 ^SName^SShadowfiend ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SMANA ^SOperator^S< ^SLevel^N90 ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SCooldownCheck^B ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SShowCBar^B ^SEnabled^B ^SUseActvtnOverlay^B ^t^t^STree2^b ^t^N50202^S~`~| ^Sgroup^N2 ^^


/cast Leap of Faith
/s %t! Move!

/cast Resurrection
/s Now Rezzing >%t<

/cast Silence
/p Silence used against %t.
^that's only good if you have Silence, obviously. it stops what you're currently casting and then casts Silence.


Spriest damage will generally lag behind other DPS, but we have the bonus of Vampiric Embrace giving the healers a boost or keeping us alive in soloing. And, furthermore, between Vampiric Touch and Evangelism and Shadowfiend and maybe dispersion and hymn of hope, we can go FOREVER in a fight without running out of mana. It might be my next-favorite after druid.
Tips & Tricks / So you don't know how to play a fury warrior
« Last post by Cantras on July 21, 2012, 10:18:28 PM »
I picked fury over arms back in the day when Arms was pretty much for pvp, not pve. Also at the time I was RPing someone who had accidentally made a name for himself in Gadgetzan's cage fights, and I figured for that two swords would be better (if you are using one weapon as a fury warrior, you're doing it wrong).  Even though I'm not playing that character in-game anymore, I still stuck with fury. I'm personally Titan's Grip specced but this will work for both versions.


This is the default spec. In this one they've taken titan's grip, but if you like single-minded fury that's fine. The difference between the two is negligible. The only reason you should really go for one over the other is if you happen to come across appropriate weapons.

There's actually not a whole lot of wiggle room with fury warrior talents that I can tell. If you just solo, switching Skirmisher for Blood Craze would give you some more survivability.


Prime: very easy because only three of them even apply to your spec/stance - Bloodthirst, Raging Blow, Slam.

Major: Cleaving, Colossus Smash, Death Wish... but Victory Rush is very nice for soloing (when you get a killing blow, you can punch something else to get healed, and the glyph makes it heal more). If you need that extra healing for Victory Rush, I'd say take it over Cleave -- it already hits two mobs and most of the time in soloing you won't have more than that.

Minor:  DO NOT take Battle Shout or Command. You should be using those shouts to generate rage in combat (So the duration is irrelevant), and if you have those glyphs and another warrior in your party, you will mess up their ability to shout for rage.  Intimidating shout will make your intimidating shout safe in situations where running mobs would be bad.  Bloody healing means more heals from bloodthirst, which is pretty nice (especially for soloing). Berserker rage frees you from fear/sap and the glyph will give you +5 rage with it, which is quite nice. Enduring victory will give you a little extra time to use victory rush, which can be useful.  I'd say intimidating shout, zerker, bloody myself -- but if you think enduring victory is something you need, keep intimidating shout and replace one of the others.


Two two-handers or two one-handers. Make sure your spec aligns with whatever you have.

Your main stat, over everything, is Strength. You get 2 AP per strength.  Then Hit (up to 8% if you're raiding, less if you're not), then expertise (26 for raiding, less for not), then crit, then EXTRA hit (because we have weapons in each hand, we're more likely to miss auto-attacks, even with more than 20% hit). Then Titan's Grip folks will like mastery > haste, and SMF will like haste > mastery.

Gems, go straight Strength unless you can make a profit. Enchants, strength is best, then hit or expertise (if you're not capped). For weapons, once you've got a nice one you expect to keep, get Landslide.


Use whatever's closest to the top that's ready. In practise this is mostly bloodthirst-something-bloodthirst-something-bloodthirst-something.

Titan's grip:
Colossus Smash
Raging Blow

Colossus Smash
Raging Blow

If nothing is up or you're getting close to rage cap, squeeze in some Heroic Strikes. If Execute is ready, spam that until you have 5 stacks of the Execute haste buff, and then go back to normal except squeezing in Executes to keep the buff up.

For AOE, Whirlwind while focusing Bloodlust on one target. Use Cleave if you have the rage.

Your major DPS cooldowns are Death Wish and recklessness. Their times don't sync, so you can't always use them together, and also Recklessness makes you take more damage -- don't use it if there's something that causes raid damage, eh? (really they both make you take more damage, but you can glyph that off of deathwish.)

You have many emergency buttons. Rallying Cry will give you (and nearby friends) 20% more health for 10s. Berserker rage will clear you out of most crowd controls. The big one is Shield Wall, but unfortunately that requires a shield. This is why you should have a shield, even if you never tank or hope to never tank. You will need a macro for shield wall. Because I love you, I have figured it out and put it in the macros section.


Three chunks, three bars. Your first bar will just be a great big "Execute" that will light up when Execute's ready. You'll have to watch its stacks/stack duration yourself, I haven't figured out how to track that.
The second bar will be your 4 main abilities. Left to right, Bloodthirst, Colossus Smash, Raging Blow, Slam. Basically, whatever is lit up furthest left, hit that. (This is set for Titan's Grip, SMF warriors will want to right-click and drag Raging Blow and Slam to swap them.) Bloodthirst and Colossus smash have bars to show you when they're ready. Slam and Raging Blow are procs, so they'll just light up whenever. For some reason the Slam button isn't very bright even when fully lit.
The third bar is Deathwish and Recklessness with their timer bars.

^1^T^SPoint^T ^Sy^N-52 ^t^SScale^F5561945604227073 ^f-51^SOnlyInCombat ^B^SEnabled ^B^SColumns ^N1^STree1 ^b^SIcons ^T^N1^T ^SType^Sreactive ^SName^SExecute ^SEnabled^B ^SUseActvtnOverlay^B ^t^t^STree3^b ^t^N50202^S~`~| ^Sgroup^N2 ^^


^1^T^SPoint^T ^Sy^F-6783223164936513 ^f-46^Sx ^F-8904567236673735^f-54 ^t^SScale^F4593671534018559 ^f-51^SOnlyInCombat ^B^SEnabled ^B^STree1 ^b^SIcons ^T^N1^T ^SConditionAlpha^N0.16 ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SType^Scooldown ^SUnAlpha^N0.25 ^SName^S23881 ^SShowCBar^B ^SEnabled^B ^t^N2^T ^SConditionAlpha^N0.25 ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SType^Scooldown ^SUnAlpha^N0.8 ^SName^SColossus~`Smash ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SSPELLCD ^SOperator^S< ^SName^SColossus~`Smash ^SLevel^N3.5 ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SShowCBar^B ^SEnabled^B ^t^N3^T ^SType^Sreactive ^SUnAlpha^N0.25 ^SName^SRaging~`Blow ^SCooldownCheck^B ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SShowCBar^B ^SEnabled^B ^SUseActvtnOverlay^B ^t^N4^T ^SType^Sbuff ^SUnAlpha^N0.17 ^SName^SBloodsurge ^SCustomTex^SSlam ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SEnabled^B ^t^t^SSecondarySpec^b ^STree3^b ^t^N50202^S~`~| ^Sgroup^N1 ^^


^1^T^SPoint^T ^Sy^N-137 ^t^SScale^F8421731324657666 ^f-52^SOnlyInCombat ^B^SEnabled ^B^SColumns ^N3^STree1 ^b^SIcons ^T^N1^T ^SConditionAlpha^N0.25 ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SType^Scooldown ^SUnAlpha^N0.8 ^SName^SDeath~`Wish ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SSPELLCD ^SOperator^S< ^SName^SDeath~`Wish ^SLevel^N10 ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SShowCBar^B ^SEnabled^B ^t^N2^T ^SConditionAlpha^N0.25 ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SType^Scooldown ^SUnAlpha^N0.8 ^SName^SRecklessness ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SSPELLCD ^SOperator^S< ^SName^SRecklessness ^SLevel^N10 ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SShowCBar^B ^SEnabled^B ^t^N3^T ^SConditionAlpha^N0.25 ^SOnlyEquipped^B ^SType^Sitem ^SShowWhen^Salways ^SUnAlpha^N0.8 ^SName^SRotting~`Skull ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SITEMCD ^SOperator^S< ^SName^SRotting~`Skull ^SLevel^N10 ^t^Sn^N1 ^t^SOnlyInBags^B ^SShowCBar^B ^SEnabled^B ^t^t^SSecondarySpec^b ^STree3^b ^t^N50202^S~`~| ^Sgroup^N3 ^^


#showtooltip Shield Wall
/equip SHIELD
/cast Shield Wall
/equipslot 17 OFFHAND
^You'll have to fill in the name of your shield and the name of your offhand weapon. Important note, you will have to press this twice. Even though Shield Wall is not restricted by the GCD, when a macro triggers a GCD it stops doing anything fun.  So the first press it goes "equip shield, oh a GCD, my job here is done" and then the second press it skips over the shield (since the shield is already on), casts shield wall, and puts the named weapon back in your offhand.  Because it has to be pressed twice, i haven't put in an announcement about "omg shield wall is up", because it would play twice.

These next several macros, they take equivalent/similar abilities (such as Overpower, Revenge, and Raging blow, which are all "proc" abilities") from different stances and put them on one button. Basically it detects what stance you're in and casts the appropriate one. As fury, you'll pretty much always be in Berserker stance -- but these are convenient for being prepared or just saving some space.

/cast [stance:1] Thunder Clap; [stance:2] Thunder Clap; [stance:3] Whirlwind

/cast [stance:1] Overpower; [stance:2] Revenge; [stance:3] Raging Blow

/cast [stance:1] Charge; [stance:3] Intercept; [stance:2] Intervene

/cast [stance:1] Hamstring; [stance:2] Disarm; [stance:3] Hamstring
^Hamstring and Disarm aren't really similar, but since they're stance-restricted like this I still find this macro useful.


Fury warriors are threat monsters and they always have been, and they don't have any threat-dumps of their own. (A former guild mate said his new raiding guild had found a threat dump for fury warriors: They soulstoned them.) Keep an eye on your aggro, and be ready with your emergency buttons if the tank isn't peeling off what's chewing on you (I don't blame them, you probably deserve it).

I've mostly avoided tanking as a warrior because I feel like they have too many buttons, but I'm probably going to suck it up in Mists because I hate a lot of PuG tanks.
Tips & Tricks / Re: So you don't know how to play a ...
« Last post by Cantras on July 21, 2012, 05:39:29 PM »
Macros let you do multiple things at once or save something to repeat. You get to them by typing /macro or by hitting escape and picking Macros from that menu. You can save them for all your characters or per-character. They can be for combat stuff (like what I'm about to explain) or for out-of-combat stuff (like calling out in trade that you sell X crafting skills). I'm not personally very good at writing the very complicated ones ("If I'm mousing over a good guy, cast heal; if it's a bad guy, cast stab; if I'm holding down shift use big heal or big stab"), but I can share what I've learned.

Number one question I see on forums and trade chat:

Q: Can I make it so that I press one button and it goes stab, poke, doublestab, punch?
A: No. Almost all attack abilities trigger the "Global cooldown"(GCD). A macro will try to do everything on its list more or less instantly and in this case would be stopped by the GCD. What you CAN do is make a "cast sequence" macro, and then you could press it and it would stab, press it again and it pokes, press again doublestab, press again punch, and then start over -- I've not found a real use for a macro like that personally so I don't know how to do it.

Some things that *don't* trigger the GCD: /saying something, using a potion, triggering a trinket, trying (and failing) to cast something that's still on cooldown, switching out of a feral form (switching in will trigger it, though). Out of combat you can switch gear without triggering the GCD; in combat you can only switch weapons and it will trigger it (because some people were switching weapons back and forth to have more +haste when they start casting a spell but more +healing when the spell finishes casting and they ruined it for everyone because blizzard took that away).

If you want to call someone out by name, use %t. It will say the name of whomever you're targeting (partymates, enemies, critters, anyone). They will see you say "you", everyone else sees that character's name. (this does not work for whispering, you can't say "/w %t I gave you innervate," that won't work.)
If you want the macro button to still tell you about the ability you're using, make #showtooltip the first thing in the macro.

So, for example, I could have one that says

/s Rezzing <<%t>>
/Cast Resurrection

And it would announce in /say who I was rezzing, as I rezzed them, and it would still show me the information about Rez when I mouse over it.

That's a really simple one and some of them get completely crazy. I'll explain any that I'm listing.
Tips & Tricks / Re: So you don't know how to play a ...
« Last post by Cantras on July 21, 2012, 05:02:38 PM »
TellMeWhen is a mod, you can get it at Curse. .  I have it set up for all my 85s except Cantras (because I like BadKitty better for druids). It lights up to tell you what to do (once you've set it up to know what to tell you).

When you download it and first sign on with it, it will show up as 4 grey boxes in the middle of your screen (Screenshot 1). If you right-click any of those boxes, you'll get a big black box where you can start filling things in. OR you can click the last tab at the bottom of the big black box ("group settings") and find the "import/export/restore" field toward the bottom. (There's a field in the middle too and they're probably identical, but I've always used the bottom one).  Copy-paste the great big chunk of text that I give you in your class's section into the field, then click that down arrow next to it. Click "From String" -> "overwrite" (the text will disappear, that's fine) then OK. Then you will have icons! If I'm giving your class multiple chunks of text, you will right click a box again and do the same thing all over with the new chunk, except this time click "From string" -> "Create new group". That will give you stacks of icons! (Screenshot 2- Ashlen's icons.)

So now you have these lovely colorful boxes on your screen and they won't go away and they aren't doing anything. Type /tmw and they'll go away (type /tmw again and they come back -- for if you need to change something).  I make mine hidden when out of combat.  So go punch something, and they'll turn up, but this time it won't be all of them.

Screenshot 3 is something like what it will look like in combat.
#1 - Some icons will be hidden entirely until they're needed.
#2  - Things that are on cooldown/don't need to be dealt with yet will be dimmed. Cooldowns will have a bar across the bottom showing how much time is left (it goes from green to red and it's yellow for #2, so it's hard to see, but you can see a sliver of the red bar on #3).
#3 - things that are almost off cooldown/almost need to be dealt with will be dimmed too, but not as much.
#4 - Cooldowns that are ready/things that need to be dealt with will be lit all the way up. So in this picture, the last 3 ioons on the bottom row are cooldowns that are ready, and the top icon is Mage armor lighting up because I'm low on mana and I need to use mage armor to get it back.  (When I put on mage armor, that icon will disappear, and then when my mana has built back up the other one will light up to tell me to switch back to Molten armor).

For each class I'll explain how I have the bars set up, what it means when they light up, all that jazz. They will all be set up to only show in combat and when you're in X spec (so shadow bars won't be in your way while healing, for example.)

Tips & Tricks / Re: So you don't know how to play a ...
« Last post by Cantras on July 12, 2012, 10:48:52 PM »
How gems work:   There are two types of gems: Meta and colored. The colored gems come in the 3 primary colors  (red, blue, and yellow)  and in the three secondary colors (purple, green, and orange). They also come in "prismastic" which is basically all the colors at once.

When you have a socket, it will call out a type -- meta or colored/prismatic.

Colored gems fit in all the colored sockets. If you want to squeeze a red gem into a blue socket, it will let you. You don't have to follow the colors. Whether you do or don't will usually depend on the colors and on the "socket bonus". This is going to be math but it's not that bad.
Let's say I have a pair of pants with a red and a blue socket in it, and my socket bonus is +20 Awesome. A red gem is worth 40 Awesome, and a blue gem is worth 40 GoodEnough.  If I put in a red and a blue, I will get +60 Awesome (40 from the gem, 20 from the bonus) and 40 GoodEnough.  Or maybe I have enough GoodEnough (Or the set bonus is something I don't care about, like +20 Worthless), and I'd rather put in two +40 Awesome gems. I don't get the socket bonus, but I get +80 Awesome. That's pretty cool. BUT how it often works out is that there will be a purple gem that is +20 Awesome and + 20 GoodEnough. (The secondary colors count as either of their primary bases -- so purple can count as red or blue).  So if I use a red and a purple, that's +40 Awesome from the red, +20 Awesome and +20 GoodEnough from the purple, and +20 Awesome from the socket bonus. Now I have +80 Awesome AND +20 GoodEnough. Hurray! When I talk about making a "profit" in gemming, this is what that means.
Primary-colored gems will always be a big chunk of one stat (and that stat will always be on that color -- so the +2, +10, +30, +40 Awesome gems will all be red). Secondary colored gems will be two stats, and they'll be stats that you find on those colors -- so if Awesome is always on red, and GoodEnough is always on blue, then Awesome/Goodenough will always be on purple.  A certain stat or combination of stats will always have the same name:  Awesometastic ruby, Awesometastic carnelian, Awesometastic garnet will all have +Awesome on them.
Prismatic cut gems no longer exist (they used to be things like +4 all stats, and count as any color). Now the only prismatic gems are the uncut ones that are JC-only, and they get a color when they're cut.
Prismatic sockets are usually added by something like a belt buckle, and any color can go in them.

Meta gems have to go in Meta sockets, and meta sockets will only accept meta gems. Meta gems are always in head-slot items, and they're always something major and something unique like "+54 agi and + 3% crit damage" or "+54 crit and 1% chance of spell reflect" -- So a hat that's not much of an upgrade but has a meta socket is actually a big deal.
Meta gems will have gem requirements, maybe "At least 3 red" or "one red and one blue" (They used to be more complicated, like "more red than yellow" but they stopped that).  Again, mixed-colour gems count as both. So if it's "at least 3 red" and you have a red, a purple, and an orange, you're covered. If it's "one red and one blue" then a single purple gem will cover both bases. Yaaay!

There's also Cogwheel sockets/gems but they are an engineering-only thing.

In Cata, Blizzard has been pretty good about giving you sockets, socket bonuses, and meta requirements that are all synchronized well and reasonable to obtain. If Awesome is your class's primary stat, then you will probably have a lot of red sockets and  +Awesome socket bonuses, and your best Meta will probably require red gems to activate. If your best stat is GoodEnough, your gear will probably have a lot of blue gems, etc.  It used to be way more obnoxious and now it's not. Woo!
Tips & Tricks / So you don't know how to play a feral druid (cat)
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This is for kitties, not for bears. A lot of the stuff overlaps, but if you take the talent/gearing suggestions from this page and use them to tank with, your healers will hate you.


This is your recommended starter, though Nurturing instincts is a bit wiggle-able as well. More on that in a sec.

Predatory strikes: Ravage is a stealthed starter, but Stampede (a talent further down you should have at least one point in) lets you do it out of stealth right after you've Feral-Charge'd in. SO, to get the best use out of it, you'd be running out and feral charging in on its cooldown. If you can handle that, get it and get the other point in stampede for making it completely energy-free. If you're not doing that (that's cool, I rarely do), it's still useful (in tandem with stampede) for fights where you have to run out of bad stuff (Morchok, Slabhide)  -- just less strong.

Infected wound: debuffs your target so they can't run or attack as fast as they could without it.

Thick Hide: +armor and -crit. This is actually a required tanking talent. prevents you from getting chewed on.

Nurturing instinct: means that get healed more with less effort from your healers, and means that your Tranquility is actually worth something in an emergency. Healers will like you more.

Primal Madness: I have this, but apparently it's actually very weak. To be fair, it's not really a lot of energy, and that energy is lost at the end -- so if you had 24 energy before it expired, now you have 4.

Natural reaction and Pulverize: These are bear-only talents -- unlike Thick hide, they are actually *completely* worthless for a cat.

Talent summary: Starting from the linked spec, I'd go with this for pure DPS (if you mostly play in parties/raids) or this for some extra survivability if you mostly solo. Possibly move a point from Nurturing Instinct to Infected Wounds.


Primal Glyphs of Rip, Berserk, Bloodletting. Glyph Mangle is suggested in place of Bloodletting for soloing, but I'm not sure why, since Bloodletting works with (the ability) mangle. If you're soloing and things are dying before Rip is worth it, I'd recommend Savage Roar.

Major glyphs: Faerie fire and feral charge, then ferocious bite or Rebirth. No point taking rebirth if you only ever solo, get ferocious bite instead. Faerie fire/Feral charge add some utility to their target talents. (Other feral Major glyphs are tanking or pointless.)

Minor glyphs: Unburdened rebirth! Save yourself a bag slot and the embarrassment of forgetting reagents! For the others I like Dash and Aquatic form, but none of the minor glyphs are big deals, of course.


You will be using a two-handed weapon: either a staff, polearm, or mace. The type or attack speed don't matter.  Don't go around with a one-hand and an offhand. You'll make Cenarius cry, because you want something that hits with oomph.

Agility! It's awesome! It turns into AP and crit! yay!

The rest of the stats: Save your money on reforging because they're all worth about the same! Yay! If you're going to be AOEing (Swiping) a lot, hit (up to 8%) & expertise (I believe 26, but it's when "dodge" says zero) will be a bit better.  (for both of these numbers, you need less outside of raids.)

For gems, just go straight Agi unless the socket bonus would give you a "profit". Agile shadowspirit for the meta. Agi for pretty much all your enchants, a secondary stat (like crit or mastery) if you can't afford the agi.


This isn't going to be easy, sorry. Feral druids have a ridiculous list of dots and debuffs to keep track of. A priority list, not a rotation.

- Faerie Fire, if there's not another armor debuff up (read: you can skip this if you have a warrior tank)
- Savage Roar (of course you can't get this up without combo points, so it won't go up right away, but it's the first finishing move you use and then KEEP YOUR BUFF UP)
- Mangle debuff -- This means you've got to mangle once a minute in long fights. Or someone else will. It doesn't have to be you, it applies for everyone.
- Rip, 5 combo points
- Rake

The simplest way I can think of is to say start with Faerie fire and then break it into a earning-combo-points rotation and a spending-combo-points rotation. Your EARNING rotation will be about keeping mangle and Rake up and then shredding to your heart's content. Your SPENDING rotation will be about keeping Savage Roar and Rip up, then using Ferocious Bite. (Thanks to talents, Ferocious Bite will renew Rip on targets below 25%, which is pretty slick.)

Your major DPS cooldown is Berserk, which makes everything cost half energy. You will rack up combo points very quickly with it up. Your major Emergency buttons are Survival Instincts and Barkskin (50 and 20% damage reductions, respectively, 12 seconds each).


No TellMeWhen for you! Get BadKitty. It's much easier and more intuitive to set up. I use the bars but maybe you'd prefer the squares.


/Cast Survival Instincts
/p >Survival Instincts activated -- 50% less damage for next 12s <

/cast Mangle
/Cast Maul
^This one is for bears. It casts mangle if mangle is ready and maul if it's not. Personally I still have a separate button for Maul available if maybe I need it.

/cast revive
/s Now rezzing >%t<
^ regular rez

/cast rebirth
/s Now rezzing >%t< -- get up!
^combat rez


Feral druids are good for very small bursts and for very sustained fights. Constant target switches or short-lived mobs will make your numbers look suspiciously bad. But in a sustained fight, oh my god. Berserk, especially if you use it with trinkets... mobs that live long enough for Blood in the Water to take effect... And the utility! LFD really solidified the tank/dps/healer trinity, unfortunately, but in emergencies you'll still get to show off everything you can do-- Rez the healer, throw an innervate, toss a few heals while the healer gets himself together, pick up the mobs that killed the tank... rawr. I loved it. People would express amazement and I'd say, hey, I'm a feral druid. It's What We Do. It's still my favorite class.

That said, I'd say it's probably the number one class for level-17-bank alts -- where people started playing it and they just couldn't get into it, they couldn't get past how much they sucked at lower levels. If you hate it because it's complicated, it's only going to get worse --  but if you hate it because it's clunky and useless, THAT will get better.
Tips & Tricks / So you don't know how to play a ...
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Upcoming series of posts! What I'll be doing is taking the DPS classes I know (read: I have them at max/high level) and breaking them down in terms of talents, abilities, etc.  Obviously only for the specs I actually have, but hopefully still useful if you play a related one. And if I have a particular reason for that spec I'll yammer about that too.

These will see huge changes in Mists, but since we don't have an ETA on that I'll share what I can in the meantime. What you'll see:

- Mine, and comments about what is/isn't required and why I made the choices I did.
Abilities/stats - What's more important, bloodthirst or colossus strike? Do I want crit or hit?  I'm going to be summarizing ElitistJerks for this, so if you want more in-depth you can go there. They just ramble a bit. They may also assume you have certain raid pieces so that may affect what's absolutely best for stats, unfortunately, but this will give you good ideas.
TellMeWhen - TMW is a mod that tells you when your cooldowns are ready, when to switch buffs... but setting it up is a bit non-intuitive. So I will post my TMW string and when you copy/paste it, you'll get the same buttons I use.
Macros/Misc other advice - Some simple/medium macros for stuff like casting Tricks of the Trade on the tank or calling out who you're rezzing, and rambling on anything I've not mentioned.

I leveled Cantras to 60 whacking things with my staff, so I know that it's hard to stop sucking when no-one tells you what you should be doing instead. (Starter tip: NO class should be whacking things with staves.) 

There's some posts below to explain gems, TMW, and macros since those apply to everyone.
Tips & Tricks / Re: Question about raids
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Yay! Thanks!
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