Mellonea is a roleplaying guild, and we fancy ourselves to be a well-spoken, friendly, and mature group. It is our desire to maintain an atmosphere of intelligent and light-hearted roleplaying for our members. We also value the gameplay experience, from character selection all the way to end-game, and we strive for skill and general awesomeness. We value our reputation on Kirin Tor, and we work hard to protect it. We were established in early November of 2005 (and we do have some members who have been around since then), and our reputation has remained excellent since then, something we're very proud of.

Our guild chat is PG-13. We value integrity, common sense, maturity and literacy. A lot of us are also huge nerds even outside of the fact that we're in a WoW RP guild.

We seek to have fun with World of Warcraft in a laid-back environment. There is no big pressure to level or to raid. There is also no heavy pressure to roleplay at this or that event. Everyone has a different definition of fun, and, within reason, we like to let our members do whatever makes them happy, without commentary.

With the exception of the Councillors who form an advisory board for the current Guildmaster, we have no meaningful rank system. New members are accepted into Mellonea as "Newlysworn", and after a bit of an introductory period and getting to know people become "Oathsworn". We've decided that a serious system of ranks is not something that is important enough to spend a lot of time attending to.

If Mellonea sounds like the home for you, please apply.